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Since its establishment 15 years ago, Shanghai AT has been adhering to the idea of creativity reshaping cognition, technology changing the future to establish its own unique value system. We actively work through value contribution to help brand customers achieve market and financial goals, help consumers realize a better life of green, low-carbon, individuality and interconnection of all things. We make these into the mission of the company and our team, and realize the company's vision of becoming a leading brand in the industry through the achievement of the mission.

We understand the brand values and help interpret the brand through our products, services and solutions to communicate the brand values accurately and efficiently. We see packaging, props and promotional items as part of the brand, and make them the brand's endorsement through our expertise, creativity and innovation in the industry,

We gather industry and cross-border talents, and offer creative, innovative and professional services to brands in the separate areas of packaging, marketing and executive solutions.

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